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Hi watchers and friends :)
I did a contest to give premium memberships by looking at their deviations.
These are the people's deviations who tried for the premium membership:

The Deku Princess by Detective-May
Day Dream    What does a person do when there's nothing else? They daydream. Some might dream about the last game they played and how to defeat that level. Some might do it about their crush or love one, and scenes they want to happen with them. Me, I dream about being taken away. That's horrible you might think, but it's not for me. I don't mean I want to get kidnapped, but it's more someone will take me out of my world and into a better one. I know that not everyone's lives are perfect and it seems selfish to ask of me, but I've been a good person kind of and think that maybe I could just get one freebie. Yeah, a life where I'm not an outsider. Where I can have friends of my own that don't leave me when they find something better. What is a real friend? Where I don't feel that everyone is talking behind my back, hating me for things I haven't even done. Then a home where people can trust each other. No yelling at each other for stupid things and not even hearing the other persons side
Chaos WarsPrologue
What remained of the memory? A fragment? A scattered piece of an ever-growing puzzle? Is it the will of gods, or is it the curiosity of those who create anarchy within worlds? Whatever the case, one thing is for sure, a world tainted by the shadowed claws will infect the brotherhood. Corruption turns father against son, brother against sister, and in turn, the sparks of war are ignited. Thus was the beginning...of Chaos.

Jane paused in her recollection, remembering events that would scar a normal man on the inside. She knew everything that there was to know. Well, of the war at least. There lay no mistake to her memories. Though Jane didn't want to admit it; she missed the old days, when she worked for the highest bidder. When she didn't abide to the rules of society, but that was over 26 years ago; before she chose her allegiance to the Order, before she married her sworn enemy, before...
A voice broke the silen

Claiming of Jayce Hemeta (Capture the Flag) by pjohootkc
Unsure by xX-Fantasia
drago edited by dragzata
The Final Flight :: #1 Amidst of the Storm by MaidenStar
Adoptable 5: OPEN by RainingxCandy
Warmth by Shine-Hikaru
All the Dresses by minieverfeel
Tranquility by kkromao
Amy by MisakiSutzu
On The Hunt in Limbo by Ibui-Ampora
Chibi Spottedleaf by ScourgeFeather
carpet of sun by GeckoCatcher
Yo! Where my peeps at?? by psycho-gummybearz
8.Sailor Moon by Animecolourful
Aradia Hazama by SS-SpiritStar
AT: peacock by La-Nee
Quintell by reishuu
Bullet by Orso-chan
Kris. by GigabyteXX
Sebastian by Aelorn
artwork by crow-lyn
Free art project 4 by SunriseBear
Len And Kaito Final by bassie-michelle
Pewdiepie~! by Digitalbeats
Custom for TosiaBases by Solnashko
Amigo Invisible (Para ~Orfeih) by GGTheOtakuHero
Tsubaki - by 00buba00
Miku by Miku-Chan028
KQ: Magus Day by Kitsunka
Anime eyes 1!! by TheAwesomeness0330
[MMD] Demon's Angel by MrMario31095
sesshoumaru (choosing the bright side) by deyenyen
pie in the sky by banni-rox
:thumb343489154: / :thumb345113201:

and the winner is :iconggtheotakuhero: !!! If she replys me soon, then she will receive the membership! If not, then I will have to give it to someone else.

Alright that's all of it!

And I only have enough points for one one-month premium membership, so donate so I can give more!!!

Thanks :)

BrightenYourSmile (Ang-Jojo)

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xX-Fantasia Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
congrats to the winner :)
Delet-ed Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
Did I know about this? No...I think. lol. Congrats!
Shine-Hikaru Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats to the winner~
bunnydesuuu Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Animecolourful Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats to the winner! :clap:
I didn't realise that everyone who entered would get featured, thanks so much! :)
bunnydesuuu Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Welcome :)
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